32 volunteers made a difference in HP on 4/28/18! Successful cleanup – thank you all!

The 2018 Bi-State Watershed Cleanup took place on the morning of April 28th, 2018 and hundreds of volunteers cleaned up wooded areas and the waters edge through the Hackensack River watershed. In Harrington Park 32 volunteers (adults and children) went to several locations around town and, in less than three hours, our group picked up and bagged (best estimate): 320 pounds of garbage, 150 pounds of recyclables (any dirty recyclables went into trash), and a baby chair, fencing, a shovel, roll of Styrofoam, ladder from a swing set, siding, part of a car fender, rusted screens, concrete base with post, deck wood, and a basketball hoop, among other items pulled out from the woods.

For this cleanup, the EC/Green Team chose to send people to “hot spots” instead of concentrating on a town park or Suez property, as we usually do. The north side of Old Hook Road, including the jug handle, the wooded end of 1st street, the Brook St cul-de-sac, West Shore Drive, and the woods at the end of Highland Field/Highland Ave all got our attention on 4/28.

Eight other towns participated in this 6th annual Bi-State Watershed Cleanup, which was started by the Park Ridge Green Team in 2012.  Hundreds of volunteers in Park Ridge, WoodCliff Lake, Hillsdale, Westwood, Emerson, River Edge, Leonia and New City, NY (Lake DeForest – with the Hackersack Riverkeeper) worked to keep their local towns and watershed Clean & Green.

To everyone who came on on 4/28 and everyone who is cleaning up their neighborhood/woods/roads edge – on an ongoing basis. Your town and earth thank you!

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Harrington Park – clean up! Saturday April 28th, 9am- noon

Please join us this Saturday, April 28th, from 9 am to noon to clean up HP!

It has been a long and often windy winter, recyclables and trash have blown around the streets… and there are people who toss their trash out their car and truck windows as they drive trough or around town. There is a LOT of trash on the ground and we are hoping that you can find some time on Saturday morning to help pick it up (and to recycle the items that can be recycled). This is a photo of Old Hook Rd with the Burying Ground to the right and it is one of the areas we will be cleaning on 4/28. PLEASE STOP BY BOROUGH HALL between 9 and 11:30am (cleanup ends at noon) to sign in, pick up gloves/bags/reachers and get an assignment. We are focusing this cleanup on the really visible trash– on the more major roadways (Old Hook, Lafayette, Schraalenberg, end of Harriot, and others), for adults and teens. For safety, families – will be invited to cleanup the woods/field edges at Highland Field.  Please email hpgreenteam@aol.com if you have questions – or PM on FaceBook.

Sponsored by the HP EC and Greenteam with the support of Bergen County Clean Communities

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Paper shredding and Humus sale 4/14/18 – and your concerns

Paper Shredding and Humus sale 4/14/18. What a gorgeous day! There was a steady stream of cars bringing papers for shredding. IF YOU MISSED THIS  – please look below for the link > the next BCUA sponsored free paper shredding is on 4/29/18 in Paramaus. HP Environmental Commission Chair Peter Ardito and I enjoyed meeting and talking with residents who came to the table to sign up for Humus ($20/2 cubic yards – DPW to deliver – call Borough Hall at 201-768-1700 or stop by to place an order this week).

The topics of resident concern that were brought up to us fall into four (broad) areas; 1) litter – management, responsibility, 2) trees – management, replacement, 3) curbside recycling, and 4) vegetative waste (and branches) – management, communication w DPW. Please know that these concerns have been and will be discussed at the monthly EC and Green Team meetings — and that they have been conveyed to Mayor and Council. We too want a clean, green and sustainable town and are working toward this. Our Mayor and Council want this too and we need to work together to make it happen. Council meetings are on the second and third Mondays of each month at Borough Hall at 7pm and are open to the public. Please consider attending a meeting to give voice to YOUR local environmental concerns; and consider joining the Green Team to help make constructive change in our community. Email the Green Team directly at hpgreenteam@gmail.com, PM or reply on Facebook >> our next meeting is Wed, May 2nd at 7:30pm.

This is the promised BCUA information

BCUA 2018 Tires/Electronics/Mobile Paper Shredding Collection Schedule

The Bergen County Utilities Authority (BCUA) will once again conduct Tire Recycling, Mobile Paper Shredding, and Electronics/Computer collections at two convenient locations: Bergen Community College, 400 Paramus Rd., Paramus on Sunday, April 29th and Saturday, August 18th and Bergen County Campgaw Mountain Reservation, 200 Campgaw Rd., Mahwah on Saturday, June 9th and Sunday, October 21st between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., rain or shine


Respectfully yours, Mary Ann Schran – EC member and Green Team chair

  • check out the V of geese – flying overhead. Peter and I enjoyed watching and hearing the birds — so much activity here!
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Annual Humus Sale – Saturday 4/14/18 Borough Hall

Annual Humus Sale! Stop by the Harrington Park Borough Hall parking lot on Saturday April 14th from   9 am – noon to order humus for home delivery. The cost is $10 a cubic yard with a 2 yard minimum purchase, maximum 10 cubic yards. EC and Green Team members will be there to answer your questions and take your order.  This rich organic material is “home grown” and composted at the back of Highland Field; the 2018 “crop” is from leaves vacuumed up from the curbs in HP in the fall of 2016. The photo shows the “ripe” piles from 2016 (L) and from 2017, which are still composting away (R).


If you do not need 2 or more cubic yards, stop by the HP Recycling Center. FREE humus and wood chips are available year round at the recycling center for residents. Bring your own containers and shovels. There is a screen located by the humus if you wish to use this before you fill your buckets or barrels. (Wood chips are not available for home delivery).

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Upcoming — Paper Shredding

Time for a clean yard and the clearing up of (confidential) paper clutter:

  • Vegetative waste pickup is (finally) starting — Monday April 2nd! Please place leaves & twigs in barrels at the curb.
  • Larger branches/trees are chopped by the HP DPW – also on Mondays — leave at the curb
  • PAPERS! — confidential/important >> please note that the shredding truck will be at Borough Hall on Saturday, April 14th – 9-1pm. This is a FREE service
  • …and not so important PAPERS/and cardboard/newspaper – (so nice to clean up piles of papers) can be brought to the Recycling Center Mon 8am-Sat 5pm or put out in mixed/comingled recycling for Thursday am pickup.

Look for other helpful information in the HP Borough newsletter– mailed to your home last week and available at the Library and Borough Hall

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Free Trees – New Jersey Tree Recovery Campaign

FREE TREES! will be available starting March 31st. In partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, for the fifth year, New Jersey Forests is providing trees FREE to all NJ residents. These are young saplings –  given in a bundle of 5 trees (1-2 feet tall) for spring planting.
This is a FaceBook link for  New Jersey Forests – please look at this site for weekly updates re pick up locations/dates/times announcements.

Each event is run by the municipality—contact the municipal office with any questions. For other pickup locations and more information, including information on how to plant the trees:


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Spring and Snow… and recycling, garbage, branches and twigs

And the first day of spring brought our fourth nor’easter and a state of emergency. It looks beautiful and wintry out…hopefully to melt soon (without more tree damage). Passing along information from Harrington Park Boro Hall.

  • Garbage will be collected this Saturday, March 24th. (Twice a week garbage pickup, Wednesdays and Saturdays, will start the first week in April)
  • Recycling will be collected on Thursday, March 22nd, as regularly scheduled.
  • Large branches are chipped on MONDAYS  – please leave piles of branches by the side of the road
  • Vegetative waste (all the little branches & twigs) starts MONDAY April 2nd.
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