Earth Machine home composter – demonstration at the Rummage Sale

Stop by the rummage sale at Borough Hall today to learn about the  Earth Machine™ composter. Theresa is shown here discussing the various feature of this home composter, which the Harrington Park Green Team is selling at cost on consignment from the BCUA for $54 each.

FROM THE BCUA SITE: What is an Earth Machine™ composter?” …with ease of use and dependability in mind, the Earth Machine™ was designed to keep moisture in and unwanted critters out. The Earth Machine’s attractive round design creates optimum composting conditions; no corners for materials to dry out. The locking lid is rodent resistant and prevents the lid from blowing away in strong winds. It has a convenient door for harvesting compost. Plus the entire unit can be easily lifted off the compost pile for complete mixing and turning of the pile. Features of the Earth Machine™ include: 1) Large Capacity (80 gallon or 10 cubic feet), 2) Made from recycled plastic, 3) Easy snap together assembly, 4) Fits in any car, 5) Durable and lightweight design, 6) Each compost bin comes with a free composting information book.”

For more information about composting, have a look at or or search this site.  If you can’t make it to the rummage sale, but want to buy an Earth Machine™ composter OR if you have questions about composting or local green issues please email the Green Team at Composting and recycling information will be posted on the Community bulletin board in front of Borough Hall and are available in the library.  And check out the Earth Machine™ composter the next time you are at Borough Hall or at the library! Nice to have this option to put food and vegetative waste to good use.

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