Humus sale – April 22 – for home delivery in the next two weeks. Free humus and wood chips at the HP Recycling center.

Annual Humus Sale! Stop by the Harrington Park Borough Hall parking lot on Saturday April 22nd from   9 am – noon to order humus for home delivery. The cost is $10 a cubic yard with a 2 yard minimum purchase. EC and Green Team members will be there to answer your questions and take your order. To see what one cubic yard looks like, please look at a previous post:

IMG_7905If you want to see what humus looks like or if you do not need 2 or more cubic yards (maximum purchase is 10 cubic yards), stop by the HP Recycling Center. FREE humus and wood chips are available year round at the recycling center for residents. Bring your own containers and shovels. There is a screen located by the humus if you wish to use this before you fill your buckets or barrels. (Wood chips are not available for home delivery).

Please contact the DPW at 201-768-0944 for more information.

The humus that is being sold on 4/22/17 is from leaves that were vacuumed up from the curbs in HP in 2015 and composted at the back of Highland Field for the next ~15 months. This rich organic material is great for garden beds!

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