Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt?

Treasure hunt or scavenger hunt? Or nature discovery experience? (I have no idea which photo will show up on FaceBook — friends please click on the link to see all the photos!)

In our few short hours cleaning up the woods and creek banks and swamp by Lafayette Road today (4/8) we had a fun time with all sorts of discoveries!

Raccoon footprints.






Balls, balls, balls– seriously– we picked up  squash balls, tennis balls, a baseball, a softball, a beachball, a basketball, a football, a volleyball, and random plastic balls!

Young skunk cabbage

and a license plate (deep in the woods).




When was the last time you saw a pull tab COKE can (we found a few other pull tab cans– vintage ? 1978 maybe)

Always fun and frequently an adventure to explore Harrington Park’s woods and watershed properties!!


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