Lafayette Rd cleanup

Check out the roadside/woods for the northern 1/2 of Lafayette Rd > free of trash! Three members of the Environmental Commission spent just over two hours today and filled 7 large bags with trash and recyclables. The roadside area had been cleaned during our fall 2016 cleanup and we were amazed at how much stuff there was to pick up today. Lots of plastic — bags and bottles, glass bottles, cans, some pizza boxes, some paper. Neighbors’ recyclables seem to have blown into the woods, but there were plenty of cigarette buts, snack wrappers…and a lot more trash that must have been dumped or thrown out of passing vehicles. We even hauled a tire and a concrete post base out of the woods.

Unfortunately – the Saturday of spring break, before Passover and Easter, and at the same time as the Junior’s Egg Hunt is NOT a day to have as a rain/snow date for a town/park/woods/watershed cleanup. A cleanup date is challenging to schedule as it is dependent on weather/snow/water levels in the low lying areas. At this point, our next cleanup will be in the fall, but we encourage everyone to help keep HP “clean and green”.

If you see something … (please) do something: pick it up the trash or recyclable item and dispose of it properly. Mother Nature thanks you!

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