Garden refuse pickup starts Monday April 3rd. Large branches are chipped curbside on Mondays

“March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers”…and LOTS of downed branches and twigs!

Garden refuse pickup starts on Monday April 3rd.

Large branches are chipped at curbside on Mondays by our DPW workers (do not leave branches out if there is a chance of snow).downed-branches-3_3_17

PLEASE do not put garden refuse out with the regular trash. HP’s garden refuse/vegetative waste is composted and returned to the environment. HP’s trash is dumped … AND we (HP citizens) pay for every pound of trash that is dumped.

Do the right thing: help Planet Earth (and save our town some $)   * please keep a pile or barrel full of vegetative waste in your yard until 4/3, * bring large branches out to the curb for Monday chipping, * put recyclables at the curb Thursday (or bring them to the recycling center), * only throw garbage out on Wednesdays (and starting 4/5 on Wed’s and Sat’s). * Please call the DPW at 201-768-0944 for pickup of large metal items and electronics.

Thank you!

Mary Ann Schran HP Green Team Chair


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