Thank you volunteers who helped with the fall woods cleanup today! (1/2)

fall-cleanup-22Thank you to the volunteers who helped today! We walked through the woods and wetland areas south of the HP Swim Club,on both sides of Dorotockey’s Run (this is the old Trautwine Farm, now Green Acres property), picking up garbage and recyclables. We also cleaned up the wooded side of Lafayette, the Pondside Park woods, and the wooded part of Loh’s Place. These areas were last cleaned two years ago and we were surprised how much we found on the ground today!





The roadside trash was expected, but there was a lot of it – bottles, cans. plastic/wrappers, cigarette butts….








Quite a few of the soda, water and alcohol bottles that we picked up were capped and still had liquid in them (!).fall-cleanup-16

Someone had dumped electronics in the woods (! — the HP DPW will pick this up * please call 201-768-0944).

fall-cleanup-13A hub cap, old yard sale signs, and old political signs added to our collection.

Deeper in the woods, both south and northeast of the Swim Club, we found more old decaying large items, some of which were too big or deeply buried to remove today (sheet metal and a ? truck seat…)…we did remove and old ?? washing machine barrel.


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