Trail’s end! Beechwood Park

Trail’s end! Come walk the newly extended trail at Beechwood Park and enjoy the view from one of the two new benches. Thank you to Peter Francis, NVOT senior and Life Scout in Harrington Park Boy Scout Troop 616, for choosing to do his Eagle Project at Beechwood Park! On Oct 29th, 2016 the existing trail to Blanche Brook was refurbished and an extension of the trail leading to an overlook over the Hackensack River was constructed by volunteers who lined the trails with downfall branches/small logs and then filled them with HP-generated wood chips.

{recycle/reuse/renew…compost…The branches (and Christmas trees) left curbside in HP are chipped by the HP DPW. A pile of these wood chips is available for home use – self pickup – at the Harrington Park recycling center. The Beechwood Park trail was last refurbished in April 2015 and, over the last year, most of the wood chips had broken down. The volunteers group shoveled, wheel-barrowed, and raked/spread ~ one truck’s worth of chips over the Beechwood Park trails during the work day Oct 29th}.

These two rustic benches were constructed from a (naturally) downed American Beech tree and are placed at the end of the trail, overlooking the Hackensack River.


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