Boy Scout Troop 616 and Beechwood Park

oct-28_7Kudus to Harrington Park Boy Scout Troop 616 and their support of the outdoor spaces in Harrington Park! A service project benefiting others is required for achieving the Eagle Scout Rank and our beautiful Beechwood Park has benefited from three Eagle Projects over the years. oct-28_11

The most recent project took place on Oct 29th. Life Scout Peter Francis led an enthusiastic group of volunteers to 1) refurbish the existing trail that leads from the entrance on Beechwood Place to Blanche Brook, 2) build a new trail following the promontory west to an overlook over the Hackensack River, and 3) construct two new benches for that overlook. These photos are from the work day. oct-28_14


oct-28_9In April 2012, for his Eagle Project, Nick Venezia constructed the trail leading to Blanche Brook, built an information kiosk at the entrance to the park and also re-purposed downed logs into benches at the Blanche Brook end of the trail.


In the summer of 2014, for his Eagle Project, Joseph Niece built and placed nature signs in HP Parks; there are three on the Beechwood Park trail.

Harrington Park thank you for your hard work and dedication to your community!

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