Kudus to the Knights of Columbus

Thank you to Councilman Gregory Evanella and seven other members of the Knights of Columbus who picked up litter on W Shore Road and Semmens Road on May 21st. They partially filled seven bags with garbage and recyclables and also removed a discarded rake and a fishing rod. Councilman Evanella noted that on May 24th several more discards were on the ground, including two 16-oz Poland Spring water bottles.

Reservoir view (to Closter)The Harrington Park Recycling Center is open 6 days a week and curbside recycling pickup is on Thursdays. Curbside trash pickup is on Wed and Saturday.

Please don’t litter– and if you are out walking, consider picking up trash/recyclables and disposing of them properly. Let’s keep HP clean and green!

This is a dawn view of the reservoir looking east from Closter Rd. MAS

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