Thank you George St. cleanup volunteers! (2 of 2)

cleanup 30Thank you to Mark Kiernan and the cleanup 22HP DPW for your support – for the garbage cans and picking up and processing the recyclables and garbage.

Thank you to Bergen County Clean Communities for providing the bags, gloves and grabbers and to Ann Lander (EC and Green Team member) for picking them up.  cleanup 27

cleanup 14And thank you to our volunteers:  Marti & Sam Francis, Amy Heller, Pam Gulino, the Barnharts, Michelle King, Pat Regucci, Christina Russo, the Collins family, Sam Helfman and his mom, Sophia D, Sam Belous, Chloe Frisch, the Travers family, the Wohner family, the Hazelton family, Natasha Vazacopoulos, Michael Capazzi, Angela and Katerina Guelpen and to the Harrington Park EC and Green Team members (Cindy Kennedy, Ann Lander, Peter Ardito, Joannie Turner, Theresa Hazelton, Judy Hunter, Councilwoman Laura Fitzgerald) for your hard work on 3/12!cleanup 18

George St. Park looks great!

Mary Ann Schran, EC/Green Team chair

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