A clean Columbus Ave. Park * ** join us March 12th at George St. Park

Columbus CleanupOn March 8th a mini clean-up was conducted in the Columbus Avenue Park by members of the Harrington Park Environmental Committee/Green Team.  Two large garbage bags of recycling and one large bag of garbage were collected.  The recycling was brought to the Recycling Center where it was sorted.  Most  of the recycling was aluminum beer cans.  There were also numerous plastic bottles and some glass bottles.  The trash was mainly plastic bags, balls, and some paper.

**There have been some blustery days this winter and plenty of lightweight recyclables (and trash) have been blown around, landing in the streets, on the curbs and on lawns and in the woods. Some of this will wash down the storm drains and many drain grills are covered with sticks and leaves. If you are out for a walk, take a look at the drains and the area around them… consider bringing a bag with you to pick up plastic bottles and aluminum cans that you see and maybe move the debris and pick up trash from the drains. Lets keep HP Green and Clean!

Please come to George Street Park on Saturday March 12th from 9-1 to clean up the park and woods! We will be meeting by the tennis courts. See the previous post or email hpgreenteam@gmail.com for more information or with questions.

Thank you Cindy Kenendy for the photo and Ann Lander for modeling!


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