The Harrington Park School Green Club is active and promoting reusable water bottles!

green club 2The Harrington Park School Green Club has been off to a running start for the 2015-2016 school year!

There are currently approximately 30 active student members from grades K through 8. The Club meets 1-2 times per week as a group. On a daily basis the members collect plastic water bottles from all the classrooms and during both lunch periods to ensure proper disposal/recycling of the bottles. The Green Club often displays the water bottle collections to the student body to show how a reduction in use of plastic water bottles will make for a better and healthier environment.
green club 1Five years ago, Elkay water stations were installed throughout the school and replaced the “old fashioned” water fountains. These water stations enable the students to refill reusable water bottles with ease.

green club 3

Additionally, the Green Club has been increasing efforts to reduce the use of disposable plastic water bottles by having a school wide “Water Bottle Challenge,” For an entire week all the homerooms kept track of their daily use of reusable water bottles. Two grades “won” having used over 100 reusable water bottles for the week and these classrooms were presented with an “Environmental Champion” trophy. The trophy will be rotating from classroom to classroom throughout the year for additional environmental challenges.

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