Harrington Park’s 14th annual 5K race!

Tomorrow, November 14th, 2015 is the 14th annual HP5K (which includes a kiddie dash and a one mile fun run). http://www.hp5k.com The weather looks to be chilly but beautiful tomorrow. Good luck to all of the participants and a big thank you to the HP5K committee for organizing what we know will be another memorable event!HP5K1

To date most racing events, especially longer ones, have a significant adverse environmental impact. There has been a noticeable “push” in the racing community to be more “green” and create more eco-friendly events. Many races throughout the country are trying to become more green by doing things such as: online registration, recycling paper and plastic, collecting used running shoe collection, giving out organic, locally-grown foods at the finish line, and donating the leftovers (rather than throwing them away).

We are proud to say the HP5K committee has already moved their race into a more eco-friendly environment by ditching printouts and creating online registration. Additionally this race provides local food, uses recyclable paper cups at water stations and avoids “goodie” bag handouts that mostly end up in, as I like to say, “Wednesday’s trash.”HP5K2

With respect to waste disposal and recycling, although most runners wouldn’t normally throw their garbage on the ground, they change the rules when running or racing. Don’t throw sports gels and bar wrappers on the ground, please. Hold onto those wrappers until you find a container to put them in. Also, try to avoid plastic water bottles by using reusable ones; however, if you do use plastic please dispose of it properly in a recycling bin.

HP5K3This year at the HP5K we have added additional waste containers along the route. These containers, placed in tandem, are clearly marked “trash” and “recycle.” The additional containers will be at the beginning and the end of the race and along the route at mile markers 1 and 2. Harrington Park Green Team and Environmental Commission members, along with the Boy Scouts will be working the event to help encourage athletes to recycle and clean up around the race site. Please do your part. A little help goes a long way to keep our town beautiful!

Theresa Hazelton, HP EC and Green Team member

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