HP School – Garden Club update:

HP school fall garden 1 The Garden Club at Harrington Park School meets year round with different activities each season. This past spring club members planted pumpkins, peas, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and various herbs in the raised beds in the school courtyard. The Club met formally six times over this past summer to continue plantings and to weed, water and maintain the school gardens. In the late summer, students did a late season planting of corn, peas, lettuce and carrots.HP school fall garden 3

The Garden Club has been meeting 1-2 times per week since school started back in September and 12-15 students have been attending the meetings. There are member from all grades (K-8). At the meetings the Club members harvest and taste the fresh produce and fruit.HP school fall garden 4 Students are also collecting and saving seeds to plant in the spring. Additionally, the students have helped prune the raspberry bushes, and weed and water the gardens. HP school fall garden 2For the first time, the students planted sunflowers (in the summer) and also collected their seeds for next year. Also, this is the first year the students picked apples from their own apple trees!!

HP school fall garden 5The Garden Club members recently created and decorated Halloween themed scarecrows for the school courtyard. They are winding down the fall season, but are excited to experiment with the cold-frames and a greenhouse this winter in the hopes of an earlier start to the spring 2016 gardening season.

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