Stokes State Forest Trip – a unique outdoor learning experience

Stokes6While at Stokes, the students studied and explored the environment together through a unique outdoor learning experience. The students, teachers, and parent chaperones stayed in cabins, participated in kitchen work and food service, and ate together in a common area. Throughout the day the students broke off into different “classes” to learn about the local environment and conservation. Stokes2Prior to breaking off into separate field groups, the students tackled eight unique team building challenges, strengthening their ability to work together. Other fun activities offered during the trip included canoeing, woodworking, and survival training. New Jersey School of Conservation teachers guided HP School Science teachers to work with the 6th graders, helping the students to cultivate environmentally responsible behaviors and encouraging them to promote sustainable practices in their communities and throughout their lifetime. This wonderful educational program is associated with Montclair State University and The New Jersey School of Stokes3Conservation and their campus is located within Stokes State Forest.

Theresa Napolitano, 6th grade parent and EC and Green Team member

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