Passing on the message of United Water: Voluntary Conservation of Water Can Help Avoid Mandatory Restrictions

Driving around town by the reservoirs (Parkside, Old Hook Road, Bogert’s Mill and over the Harriot Bridge) it is obvious that the water level is very low. The muddy flats are covered with grass and the weir is once again exposed. It has been visible since July, but is much easier to see now that the water level is so low…
Fish wierUnited Water New Jersey customers are urged to conserve water during the current wave of very dry weather and refrain from outdoor water usage for the next several days. With barely over 1 ½ inches of rain in August, this is one of the driest summer months in northern New Jersey in over 90 years. Forecasts call for continued hot weather with very little rain, while the demand for water remains very high. The New Jersey reservoirs that serve approximately 800,000 people in Bergen and Hudson counties are now at less than 50% capacity. Residents should restrict their water usage outdoors and conserve where possible indoors, while the unusually dry weather pattern passes. Voluntary conservation now should help reduce the potential for greater, mandatory restrictions.

This photo was taken on September 4 looking north from the western side of the Harriot Ave Bridge. For photos of the weir in a different season – and a bit more information – look at the December 1, 2012 post.

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