A belated thank you to HP Library Friends for a successful and fun White Elephant Sale on June 6th

The Harrington Park Public Library’s 21st Annual White Elephant Sale, sponsored by the Friends of the HP Library, was held on Saturday June 6th from 8am to 2pm at the library/Borough Hall parking lot. The Harrington Park Volunteer Fire Department cooked up hot dogs and burgers on the grill for lunch, the Friends sold home-baked goods (including white elephant cookies!), and lots of previously owned items went to new homes (yeah re-use!!).

Green Team members Cindy Kennedy, Joanie Turner, and Anne Lander manned a table of donated goods including packages of costume jewelry and reuseable bagvarious decorative objects. Sale of the items raised $126 for the Green Team account, which will be used for environmental projects (i.e. the purchase of trees for the tree bank) to benefit our town.

People who stopped to browse and shop at the table received information about composting and a composter bin was on display. (Please search composter on this site to learn more and contact us at hpgreenteam@gmail.com if you have questions about home composting or are interested to purchase a composter).

Shoppers also received canvas bags (donated from Bergen County Clean Communities) with purchases and were encouraged to use them in place of plastic bags.

In spite of the rain in the morning, the turn-out was good and it was a fun opportunity to chat with neighbors and encourage environmentally sound practices. Hope to see you at the sale next year!

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