The refurbished Beechwood Park trail looks great!

Thank you to the twenty four enthusiastic volunteers who worked to clean up Beechwood Park today! We picked up trash and recyclables, relined the borders of the trail with deadfall, and put down new mulch. The trail – and park – look clean and welcoming.B 4_18_7

The woods were in pretty good shape and there was not a lot of trash to pick up; this was a huge improvement from the cleanup on Earth Day 2012 when five garbage cans were filled with trash and recyclables. Today we collected only one full large garbage can.

Coors Light (in cans) seems to be the beer of choice since the last cleanup. Unfortunately people seem to like break bottles close to the entrance to the park and we removed quite a number of glass shards. The trash was scattered through the park, mostly bits of plastic, some bags, a few balls, and an old swing set that had been dumped in the woods was also removed. There were a few plastic bottles and a minor surprise was finding a metal pull top (last manufactured in the 70’s?). B 4_18_9 B 4_18_4 B 4_18_2Marti is showing a rusted metal ?? car part that she plans to repurpose as a shelf.

The focus of the work was to refurbish the nature. This was the first real trail maintenance done since the trail was constructed in April 2012 and the three autumns with lots of leaves, the rough winters, and the resident herd of deer have taken their toll on the trail. We recreated  the borders of the curving path and marked them with deadfall branches, removed leaves from the pathway, and, starting at Blanche Brook at the end of the trail, put down ~ 10 cubic yards of mulch.

Kudus to: John, Chase and Karch Wohner, Marti and Sam Francis, Kevin Ryu, Judy Hunter, Anne Lander, Vivian Holzer, Joannie Turner, Paul and Daniel Collins, Theresa, Bill, and Emma Hazelton, Judy, Audrey, and Rebecca Collins, EC chair Peter Ardito, Councilwoman Michelle Ryan and her daughter Julia and Mayor Paul Hoelscher.

It was a pleasure to work alongside you today!

Thank you to Mark Kiernan of the HP DPW for the wheelbarrows, barrels, rakes and shovels for our use. Thank you Peter for the snacks, Michelle for your wheelbarrow and table and for coordinating with Bergen County clean communities for the bags, gloves and grabbers!

Mary Ann Schran – Green Team chair

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One Response to The refurbished Beechwood Park trail looks great!

  1. Beautiful day, hard work but lots of fun too!

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