Sunbathing…at 14’

birds 2_28Funny how an 8 am dog walk when it is 14’F and sunny (with no wind) doesn’t feel as cold as it did back in early January. (Even if the “real feel temperature is 1’). There were PLENTY of birds out this morning. These birds (?turtle doves, think the tiny one at 1 o’clock is a chickadee, and –sorry- I have no idea what the other 4 darker ones are) were just hanging out in the sun. The air was full of bird calls, tweets, squeaks, and songs…and of course the hammering of a woodpecker. I wish I had a better camera to photograph them, but this is the best I could get with my cell phone (and it was a bit chilly and the dogs wanted to keep moving). You may enjoy reading about the backyard winter birds that can be seen in our area in February through this link to the “birdy 30” contest.woodpecker 2_28

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