Please dig me out!

hydrant 1_13_15Photo taken Jan 31, 8am.  All that was visible of the hydrant while walking by was the white cap. Harrington Park is expected to get a lot more snow tomorrow night and this hydrant will likely be buried. Time matters if there is a fire; help the first responders in town help you!

Know where the closest fire hydrant to your property is and check it after each snowfall. Remove the snow and ice  from the hydrant, then clear a wide enough perimeter in all directions (~3 feet in every direction) for the firefighters to work. Finally clear a path from the hydrant to the street.

Thank you Borough of Harrington Park, New Jersey 07640 for this reminder! 

Do you know where the next closest hydrant to you property is? If there is a fire, two or more hydrants will be used.

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