Brine stripes and Burkhardt Lane

Brine and Burkhardt Lane 3Did you notice the striped roadways around town (and surrounding towns and interstates) today?  The HP DPW started using a brine solution (23% salt by weight solution) on the roadways in town two winters ago. The stripes of salt that remain after the water evaporates help to prevent the formation or development of bonded snow and ice on the road surfaces, allowing for easier plowing and snow removal. The brine is piped onto the roads in anticipation of winter storms. These photos were taken today at 9am. Temperatures were around freezing and there was only minimal snowfall, but you can clearly see where the brine had been applied and where it was not. The DPW will continue to apply rock salt when de-icing is needed and this will also be applied with snow storms depending on the snowfall rate and total accumulation, as well as on the use and grade (elevation) of the road. Brine and Burkhardt Lane 2_modFor more information about the process of making and applying the brine and the environmental impact of deicing roads, please read this earlier post:

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