The George Street Park Skating Pond

George St Jan 3The George Street Park in Harrington Park has a large field that is flooded by the fire department in the middle of December each year. It is an event that is anticipated for weeks by all who live in town. The pond takes several hours and many gallons of water to flood using the fire trucks large hoses. Christmas Day 14 George St

This year the weather was warm through December and the flooded pond was enjoyed by many ducks (and some adventurous kids on Christmas Day)!

Christmas Day 14 George St2

By the second week of January the temperature had dropped and the pond froze over and ice skating had begun. There is a flood light at the field, so ice skating and ice hockey is enjoyed by adults and kids – day and night throughout the winter months. George St Jan 2This has been a beloved tradition in Harrington Park for over 25 years.

Adults who skated on the pond as children now bring their children back to skate. In Harrington Park, when it comes to skating on the George Street Pond, we are proud to say – some things never change. If you plan to stop by, there are no concessions so make sure to pack a thermos of hot chocolate!

George St Jan 1_mod

Before you know it the spring thaw will be upon us and the skating pond will be gone for another year.

photos and text- Theresa Hazelton Napolitano, EC & Green Team member

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