HP parks are open 365 days a year! A winter walk at Pondside Park

pondside 1_9_4modThese photos were taken at ~ 9am on Friday, Jan 9th at Pondside Park. I entered the park from Loh’s Place, walked across the ball field, then down Kolder Way to Blanche. It was so beautiful and peaceful with the falling snow! pondside 1_9_2The pond was frozen, but the geese seemed quite content to sit in the middle on the ice.

I was not the first person to visit the park that morning, as there were footprints in the snow on the walking path around the pond.

There are five parks in HP. You can read more about them on this blog or look at – https://www.opengreenmap.org/greenmap/harrington-parkpondside 1_9_1
pondside 1_9_8Boy Scouts from Troop 616 in Harrington Park have undertaken several projects over the years that have benefited the environment, parks, and citizens of HP. Pondside Park has bat houses, a clear riparian zone, shade trees at the ball field entrance, and interpretive nature signs around the pond (one can be seen next to the bench in the photo). pondside 1_9_7For more details, please search Scouts.

Hope you get a chance to enjoy a park this winter! (Bundle up!)

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