Urban archeology – and a great morning in the woods!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA small group of enthusiastic volunteers had a fun time cleaning up the woods at Julia 11_8_14Pondside Park and by the HP Swim Club today. These areas were last cleaned in April 2013, but the seven adults and five children managed to haul quite a bit out for proper disposal.bud anyone 11_8_14

Pondside Park had a fair number of recyclables (Bud was especially popular) on either side of the road and by the walking path, but among the other items we picked up were a tire, a wooden shipping pallet, a sleeping bag, a can of corn, a toothbrush, a plastic bottle of Glade air freshener (?! in the great outdoors), and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa rusting car door (?!), car wheel, and gas tank as well as a car battery…we filled two OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbarrels with trash and one with recyclables.





(Can anyone explain to me why someone T and wrapped tree 11_8_14would wrap a tree with chicken wire?)

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