Harrington Park Town Day is tomorrow > Saturday, Sept 6th noon-4pm

town day_2Come to Highland Field tomorrow, Saturday, September 6th from noon-4pm for a fun family focused afternoon (Rain date is Sunday, September 7th). Stop by the Green Team/Environmental Commission table to say hello! We are again promoting local farmer’s markets and produce markets (Buy Fresh, Buy Local) and will have DELICIOUS corn from Sundens, Amato’s bread, and homemade cookies and lemonade for sale. Have a look at the demonstration Earth Machine™ composter, used for home composting of leaves and vegetative waste, check out a rain barrel, and pick up literature on composting, recycling and on local farms and farmer’s markets. The Green Team works on activities promoting sustainability and the environment in HP. We meet monthly (first Wednesday at 7pm in Borough Hall) and everyone is welcome > talk with us at Town Day or email your contact information to hpgreenteam@gmail.com Hold the date: the next town cleanup will be held on Saturday, November 8th.

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