…at the back of HP School…

school recyling bin and solar panel for lightning detection system

This past Sunday evening, I decided to bike around town with no particular purpose in mind, trying to cool off and curious to see what was new or different in the parks and public spaces. I had happened to drive by Harrington Park School at 12:45 on June 25th and realized that this was the last day of school (hurray for summer vacation!…school starts again Sept 3rd). I knew that summer camp would start on June 30th and I decided that I would bike by the quiet, between happenings school. Even at dusk the white planters at the front of HP School were eye catching: these were colorfully decorated by the now graduated 8th grade class of 2014 (and the class of 2015 will repaint them in August). There was not a bit of garbage on the front lawns or the front asphalt playground, the front entry plantings were attractive, and a blue recycling container stood by the outside entrance to lunchroom.
I headed to the back of the school and immediately noticed the solar panel – on the pole by the rear basketball court. It turns out that this panel powers the battery backup for the lightning detection system in place at the back of the school! (thank you Superintendent’s office for this information). It is reassuring to know that this system is in place and has an effective backup power source. I passed by the school again this morning and watched the summer campers running around the back school field; nice to know that there is this extra element for safety in place.
While biking around town I also noticed the blue metal recycling bins that are located in HP’s public spaces – downtown, in the parks, and at HP School and back field. These date back to April 2010, when 17 containers were placed around town and put into use. The HP DPW employees and the school custodians empty them regularly and the contents are sorted for recycling (town) or put in for single stream recycling (school). The metal bins are showing their age a bit, with some rust and sometimes minus the swing hole cover on top, but they still serve as a colorful reminder for passersby to recycle and still work well to hold cans and bottles.


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