Green Club update – a successful, fun, and educational year!

classroom recycling 9_13 TThe Harrington Park Green Club members are instrumental in the school recycling program. Every day, in addition to overseeing lunchroom recycling, the students check the recycling bins in each classroom and ensure that all recyclables are disposed of properly. This is a big responsibility, but one we believe has helped dramatically increase the recycling rate at HP School. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The middle school members of the Green Club have also been involved in GREEN education with the kindergarteners and first graders. Recently, the middle school club members completed green/recycling display boards to educate the younger students. Additionally, the club members calculated, on average, how many plastic water bottles are recycled in HP School on a daily basis and displayed this on HPTV, with facts about plastic waste from water bottles. The ultimate goal is to encourage all students to use reusable water bottles and utilize the hydration stations within the school. water station 9_13 T
walk to school 6Green Club members helped with Walk to School Day (April 9) and Waste Free Lunch Day (April 22) during April Earth Awareness Month. At the end of April and into early May, Green Club members completed carbon footprints online. They plan to do so again in the fall and will make a carbon footprint tree to display at the beginning of next year with goals for the end of the 2015 school year.
As a fundraiser, the Green Club is selling T-shirts to raise money in order to purchase additional waste receptacles. A final club meeting for this school year will be held within the next two weeks to discuss plans for next year. As of now, the Green Club’s target goals and plans for the upcoming year are:waste audit 9_13_4
1. Continuing to educate the younger grades at the start of next year on recycling (kindergarten, grade1and possibly grade 2)
2. Educate parents and students on reducing waste at lunch (possibly starting with a presentation and display station at back to school night with the help of HSA parents)
3. Upcycling board games for use at indoor recess
4. Sharing/doing something more with upcycle ideas similar to these
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt has been another successful year for the Green Club at HP School and we look forward to their continued growth and positive impact at HP School next school year!green club stamper 9_13 T_mod

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