Harrington Park School Garden Update

school garden 5_14_4The Harrington Park School Garden Club has gotten off to a late start due to the weather.  Nonetheless, students from grades 1-7 have planted spinach, lettuce, onions, garlic, cucumbers, beans, carrots, peas and potatoes. The beans and peas and cucumbers were planted from seeds that the garden club saved from last season!  school garden 5_14_2 The strawberries, raspberries, apple and pear trees look great.  The students will be eating strawberries and salad before the end of the school year.  school garden 5_14A row of tulip bulbs donated by retiring 8th grade teacher Mr. Cunniff were planted.  The club hopes to see these bulbs blooming next spring.

greenhouse 5_14_4Most impressively, the Garden Club has erected a green house and for a while was a butterfly habitat. greenhouse 5_14_2There are still some kinks to be worked out with the greenhouse since it heats up quickly.  Opening and closing the windows/doors controls the heat but when the students are not at school or able to get into the courtyard soon enough the plants can dry out.  greenhouse 5_14_3The school is excited to have the greenhouse up and hope to use it earlier next year and maybe use it to extend the growing season this fall.greenhouse 5_14

The Garden Club has not yet set a schedule for summer, but they hope to meet about once a week during July and do a mid-summer planting in early August, so that the garden will be in full swing at the beginning of the school year.   The Club will continue to meet through the end of this school year on Friday mornings and Tuesday afternoons, weather permitting.

submitted by Green Team & EC member & immediate past president HP HSA president Theresa Hazelton

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