At HP History Day, almost 4 tons of paper was shredded, humus for home delivery, and more…

The annual History Day celebration at Borough Hall was quite well attended. Quite a few people came to Borough Hall on Saturday April 26th to check out the various activities.
history day 1The EC/Green Team table had a steady stream of visitors. In addition to answering questions and promoting home composting, Theresa Napolitano, Ann Lander,  and EC Chair Peter Ardito sold humus for the DPW, for home delivery in early May. A 2 cubic yard sample is pictured on the back of the truck; humus truckthe cost is $10 for a cubic yard, min order 2 yards. To order (call soon!) or for more information, please contact the DPW at 201-768-0944. This humus is “home grown”- made from leaves vacuumed up from the curbs of HP homes in 2012 and composted at the back of Highland Field.
history day 2The EC/Green Team is selling Earth Machine™ composters ($54 each) on consignment from the BCUA. Information about home composting is posted on the bulletin board in front of Borough Hall and a working composter is located by the right side of the library (back of the children’s section). Check it out!
history day 4The BCUA provided a truck to shred confidential papers. Councilwoman Michelle Ryan spent the morning directing people with boxes and carloads of documents to shred. This was a VERY successful collection. We lost count of the number of people that came, but ~ 7,600 lbs of paper (close to 4 tons!) was collected. The EC/Green Team hopes that these papers would have been recycled and not put into the waste stream and, as this collection was open to any Bergen County resident, not all of these papers “belong” to the HP waste stream, but it was encouraging to see the enthusiastic participation and our collection was a bit larger than at last town History Day (7,300lbs).history day 6 (The cardboard boxes that people left filled two minivans > these were taken to recycling —and we also collected a bag full of binder clips > which are now being reused). Way to go HP!
The Harrington Park EC/Green Team will have an information table at the HP Library Rummage Sale in June—hope to see you there!

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