Pondside Park: Dedicated To The Volunteers Who Enrich Harrington Park Life

signThis lovely 32 acre park is open year round. The highlight of the park is a shallow pond that is frequented by ducks, geese, and other wildlife.  These photos were taken mid-afternoon on December 25, when the pond was more than half frozen and a number of geese and ducks were in the water by the northern non-frozen end. birds and half frozen lakeA hard-packed walking path circles the pond, crossing a small footbridge where a stream enters the pond. The water then drains through culverts at the the southern end (park entrance) to become part of a creek known as Dorotockey’s Run.berries and creek

winter baseballDeciduous woods surround the pond and the Lohs Field ball field at the northern end of the park.  Young American Beech trees, which keep their leaves in winter, are easy to spot, as are squirrel’s nests high in the branches.

winter sky(The view of the sky from the open ball fields can be stunning!)

pathentranceThe entrance to Pondside Park is on the northern side of Blanche Ave, just west of the intersection with Lafayette Rd. A gate at the entrance is closed at sundown. There is a small parking lot located just past the gate, across from the gated playground. Kolders Way, a dirt/gravel road, leads to the ball field. Parking is allowed along the road and at a larger lot at the northern end, where the road ends.

It may be too cold at present to use the playground or the exercise equipment or to sit on the swing, but it is still really nice to (bundle up and) visit Pondside Park, walk around the pond, listen to the birds, and enjoy the winter views! bench



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