Home Sweet Nest

nest1 Winter is here. Maybe not officially until December 21, but the short days, low angle of the sun, and now the wet snowy crust that we woke up to this morning mean winter has come. Hardwood trees, stripped of their colorful foliage, yield their secrets.



One can see deeper into the local forested areas. The graceful skeletons of the trees show damage from previous storms and protect nests against the elements. nest2

Squirrels built the ragged looking leaf nests and the cup nests were created by birds.



These photos were taken this morning on a walk through northern HP neighborhood. I am grateful for warm dry shelter.


http://www.biokids.umich.edu/guides/tracks_and_sign/build/birdnests/ >> nice description

http://twistedsifter.com/2011/05/25-photos-of-birds-nests-sharon-beals/ >> amazing photos of bird’s nests

http://animals.pawnation.com/nesting-habits-gray-squirrels-3948.html >> and learn about squirrels


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