5:30pm November 2, 2013- Beechwood Park

creekThis post is to celebrate the beauty of the American Beech trees found in Harrington Park’s Beechwood Park! The trees are beautiful in any season, but the park is particularly nice to visit in the fall. The leaves turn yellow leaves, then copper brown. beech treesThe canopy starts to open up and the floor of the forest is covered with dry leaves that are lovely to rustle through. In 2012 HP Boy Scout troop 616 constructed a trail that leads through the woods to Blanche Brook. This trail is less visible with the recent leaf fall; look for downed branches lining the sides of the trail leading to a wooden bench constructed from a tree trunk overlooking the brook. bush in beechwoodsThe park is bordered on the west side by the Hackensack River. It is possible to cross Blanche Brook a bit to the west of the bench and then to explore the woods further south—this is a mixed oak and maple forest. sunset beechwoodsMy husband and I decided to take a walk just before sunset with our two dogs. I loved the angle of the setting sun; the dogs loved the deer (who were quietly watching us). I was not able to get a good picture of the deer, given the fading light and the anxious dogs. We also disturbed a great blue heron, flying distant blue heronwho circled overhead calling out with its eerie (prehistoric) cry. Even a short walk here will give you a refreshing dose of nature and beauty!

To get to Beechwood Park (from HP School) go north on Lynn St > turn left on Beechwood Place > then make a quick left on Richard Court. A sign marks the entrance to the park and a kiosk, entrance to Beechwoodsconstructed by Eagle Scout Nicholas Venezia, has information about the park and the beech tree. Please search Beechwood Park for previous posts about this unique and beautiful park! And for information about treetopsBeech trees: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beech

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