Curbside leaf collection starts October 1st

town leavesHarrington Park has curbside leaf collection. Please rake your leaves prettyonto the street. Please do not put dead shrubs or plants, sticks, glass clippings or debris in the leaf piles. DPW employees will be vacuuming up the piles starting Wednesday Oct 15 and ending in early December when the trees are bare and the piles are leaves

Please note- if there are wood/sticks and/or grass in your leaf pile, IT WILL NOT BE COLLECTED. Harrington Park only has a permit to compost leaves. The collected leaves are taken to the HP composting site (at the back of Highland) and they are composted, becoming “humus”. You can buy humus in April at the History Day sale- for home delivery of this dark nutrient rich material OR you can shovel (and screen) and bring home humus for free from the recycling center.this is humus

grass and leavesThe vegetative waste collection started April 1st and ends October 31st >> there are two more Mondays left to put out dead plants, grasses and lawn clippings for collection.

Chipping of curbside branches will not take place again until early December, as the same DPW truck that is used for chipping will now be used for vacuuming leaves.more leavesHP sign and leaves

Fun facts: in 2012, 2003 tons of solid waste, 391 tons of recyclables, and 272 tons of grass clippings and other vegetative waste were picked up curbside from HP homes. ~10% of the total amount of “stuff” picked up curbside was vegetative waste. This total does not include the quantity of chipped branches (and does not include the recycling center numbers). HP DPW chief Mark Kiernan estimates ~ 1 ton of leaves are vacuumed up for composting each year, a small fraction of the amount of vegetative waste.and more leaves

boro hall and leaves

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