Back to School!

green club stamper 9_13 T_mod Several years ago Harrington Park School made a commitment to set an example of sustainability and environmental awareness through curriculum, recycling programs, and school clubs. It has been a great learning experience for students and adults throughout the school and community. garden 9_13 TAs we head into another school year, the school will continue pursuing many green initiatives including, waste audits, waste free lunches, walk and bike to school days, no-idling, school gardens, green club activities, and energy efficiency.  It is the goal of the school to make environmental responsibility fun, engaging, and interactive as it has proven to be a far more effective way to get students interested and motivated to do their part.

Here are some of the ways the school engages students with results they can see:

lunchroom recycling 9_13 T_mod– The school’s Green Club and Garden Club involve the students and the community in energy conservation, school yard greening, fruit and vegetable gardening, and the promotion of waste reduction and recycling.

–  Lunch waste audits enable students to investigate the school lunch waste stream, analyze their results and identify ways to decrease their impact on the waste streamwaste audit 9_12 T

courtyard 9_13 T–  Student Council heads up the school participation in the nationwide Pepsi Dream Machine Recycle Rally™ – an exciting recycling program that gives schools a chance to earn rewards and compete for contest prizes, all while helping to make the planet a cleaner, greener place

–  Harrington Park School Television (HPTV) encourages students to be eco-friendly by announcing green tips – from turning off lights in the classroom and at home to riding your bike or walking to school.

water station 9_13 T– The school installed Elkay water stations where students can fill their reusable water bottles with cold filtered water.  The water stations have a green ticker that counts the quantity of bottles saved from landfills

– The school Art Department guides students in taking items and recycling them into art. Students truly become green by turning junk it into beautiful pieces of art.photo_2(8)

lunchroom recycling 2 9_13 TAdditionally, throughout the year older students will participate in local clean ups.  This participation allows them to take personal pride in the outcome and share that pride with their family or friends. This personal connection with the environment will help drive more responsible behavior in the future.  So ask your kids what they’re doing at school to make the planet a greener place and join in on their efforts by incorporating sustainable living into your household.  Your kids and their kids will thank you…

Therese Hazelton, Green Team member and immediate past president of the HPHSA

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