Harrington Park Project Green – The NJ Youth Jefferson Award

Harrington Park School’s Green Club and Garden Club members received the NJ Youth Jefferson Award for Environment and Sustainability and participated in the award ceremony on Saturday, June 1, at the Newark Museum.  “We had many club activities, school-wide and community activities, and fundraisers.  The club is great because anyone and everyone can help the environment,” said Faith Shim as she spoke on behalf of the Green Club. Both clubs were honored for their efforts to increase awareness of environmental issues and promote sustainable habits within the school community.  During the year the students held “waste audits” that measured solid waste, food compost and recyclables.  Through their efforts, waste has been reduced by 65% and recycling has increased 3-fold at Harrington Park School.  The group organized several Campus Clean- ups, a Power-Down Day, several “walk to school or ride your bike days”, and has raised funds for tree planting.  During the month of April, green tips were announced on HPTV.  The Garden Club students have readied and planted garden beds and have harvested raspberries, strawberries, lettuce, radishes and herbs throughout the year. “When we plant the seeds, grow them organically and then pick them, we feel proud because we have accomplished something important.  We eat what we grow and compost everything else.  We learn about our planet’s resources and how taking care of the environment can help our Earth,” said Nicole Sir and Samantha Derrico at the award ceremony.jefferson_1

–          Submitted by Harrington Park Councilwoman and Green Team member Joon Chung. Joon recently received the 2013 Harrington Park School District Circle of Leadership Award- Congratulations, Joon!

To learn more about the New Jersey State Governor’s Jefferson Awards for Public Service and Students in Action New Jersey- please click on this link: http://www.sianj.com/news.html

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