Successful Rummage sale outreach!

6_13 Rummage Sale 1The Earth Machine™ composter drew a steady stem of visitors to the GreenTeam/EC table. Cindy Kennedy, Judy Hunter and Mary Ann Schran answered questions about composting and showed several people the “starting up” composter by the library. We will be getting more composters from the BCUA in the next two weeks (sold on consignment); several people placed orders- if you are interested please email . 6_13 Rummage Sale 2



The “free” stuff was popular too: pens, reusable bags, hand wipes, car windshield brushes,, bag clips, magnetic memo boards, and literature on several topics, courtesy of United Water, Clean Communities, and ANJEC.6_13 Rummage Sale 4

We would also like to mention young Aaron DiNicola, a Harrington Park student, member of the Green Club at school, and president of Help Today – an organization he started “to help the environment and its people”. Aaron had the table next to ours and sold popsicle stick creations, iced tea, cookies, and ice pops to raise money to plant trees in the Brazilian Rainforest. As we learned “$1 will plant 1 tree”.6_13 Rummage Sale 56_13 Rummage Sale 3

Thank you, Friends of the Library, for supporting the GreenTeam/EC and Help Today!


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