Successful Watershed cleanup on April 20th! Thank you, volunteers!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Harrington Park took part in the Bi-State Watershed Cleanup on April 20th. Six other northern Bergen County towns that share the same watershed- Park Ridge, Woodcliff Lake, Rivervale, Norwood, Montvale and Hillsdale- also took part in the cleanup.Pondside_7

Harrington Park’s watershed includes a river, a large creek, a manmade (Pondside) pond, the (manmade) reservoir, and a few smaller streams. HP is bordered on the west and partially bisected by the Hackensack River that runs from Lake Tappan to the Oradell Reservoir, crossing under Harriot Avenue just east of Bogert’s Mill Road. The creek known as Dorotockey’s Run starts in Old Tappan, runs through Pondside Park, parallels Lafayette Rd then Schraalenbergh Rd, finally crossing under Harrington Ave to end in the Oradell Reservoir. (If a picture is worth 1000 words, please google map Harrington Park!). This is a photo of one bottle floating down the creek- it got away! >>>OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Kudus to Girl Scout leader Ally Murphy and the Troop 4333 3rd grade Brownies who cleaned up Beechwood Park (bordering the Hackensack River) on April 19th.

Pondside_3Volunteers cleaned up two areas along Dorotockey’s Run on April 20th: Pondside Park and the woods by the Swim Club/Lafayette Rd.

Pondside_4Per coordinator Cindy Kennedy: six adults and six children participated in the Pondside Park clean-up.  We collected 2 large barrels of recyclable bottles and cans and 15 bags of garbage.  Most of the litter collected was food related: bottles, cans, food wrappers and boxes.  We did find some unusual items – a Pondside_5fishing pole, a broom, pvc pipes, a large bell, a rubber duck and wire from fencing.  Teams cleaned in all areas of the park except for the section beyond the ball field near Lohs Place.  That area will be cleaned by the Girl Scouts later this monthPondside_9Thank you participants!!- Tim, Amelia & Madison Murphy,Teresa & Emma Pondside_2Hazelton,Joon & Harris Chung, Jin Lim, Cindy Kennedy, Michelle Ryan, and Bill & Jason Baretz.Pondside_8




Per coordinator Mary Ann Schran: eleven adults worked hard to clean up the woods north of the swim club and the east of  Lafayette Rd down to the creek. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe started to clean up the area south of the swim club and east of the creek (This is Green Acres property, once an old farm and now quite overgrown > this will be a focus of a future cleanup). We filled 2 barrels with recyclables, 15 bags with trash, and picked up lots more:  two broken/rotting picnic tables and old lounge chairs, a car seat, two cemented sign poles, a tire, an old TV, a rusted out toaster, a lamp, stereo equipment (wondering if some boxes fell off a boxcar?), a hub cap, even a stuffed toy whale! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThank you participants!!- Joanie Turner, Miriam Sloane, Ann Lander, Bill Miller, Greg Pearson, Denise Reeves, Thomas Clarke, Lynne Warshavsky, Suellen Spillane, Anne Lander and Mary Ann Schran.

Thank you, Councilwoman Michelle Ryan, for organizing the cleanup and getting the grabbers/gloves/bags from Bergen County/Clean Communities and supplying snacks! Thank you to the DPW, Mark Kiernan and staff, for picking up and disposing of the garage and recyclables from this cleanup!


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