April is Earth Awareness Month at HP School

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWed, April 17 -Walk to School & Waste Free Lunch Day. The homeroom with the highest percentage of walkers gets ice pops!

Thurs, April 18– “Power Down Day at HP”

Fri, April 19 – Earth Day Ice Pop Sale

Mon, April 22 = EARTH DAY!  HP Reusable Tote Bags will be on sale; proceeds will go to The Nature Conservancy.

Tues, April 23 after school in room 20: Catalog Cancelling Challenge Tutorial.  Parents and students can learn how to use www.catalogchoice.org and use ipads to input cancellations to count towards the challenge!

Ongoing Events at HP School in April:

Catalog Canceling Challenge! To help your child participate, please consider doing the following:

1.)    Start a pile of unwanted sales catalogs (i.e. Lands’ End, J. Crew) for you and your child to cancel.

2.)     Ask your child to help you cancel the catalogs in one of two ways: Call the catalog companies directly using the 1-800 numbers on the back of each catalog and ask to be permanently removed from their mailing list OR help your child set up a free account at http://www.CatalogChoice.org and input the catalogs you wish to cancel. The children may find this website fast and fun.

3.)    Finally, this year instead of sending the catalogs into school, please print out your canceling activity from Catalog Choice and send it into the MAIN OFFICE by Tuesday, April 30th with your child’s grade and homeroom teacher. Please feel free to contact Theresa Hazelton at tnapoletano@me.com with any questions.

4.)    You may also e-mail magat@nvnet.org with your family name, address, and catalogs/magazines that you would like to have cancelled.

The winning homeroom gets an extra recess!!!

Plastic Grocery Bag Drive: ­Do some spring cleaning and bring in plastic grocery or shopping bags.  Bags will be dropped off in a recycling center instead of ending up in a landfill where they can take 1000’s years to biodegrade! This is an individual competition, so please insert your plastic bags into one plastic bag.  Place a post-it inside the plastic bag with your name, grade, homeroom teacher, and number of plastic bags.  The winner will receive a free reusable grocery bag and an ice pop!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA











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