Pondside Park, 10am Jan 23

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Consider a winter visit to Pondside Park. The entrance to this 32 acre park is on the north side of Blanche Ave., just west of the intersection with Lafayette Rd. The dirt road (Kolders Way) leads to the Lohs Field ball field at the north end of the park.  A well maintained hard-packed walking path follows the borders of the pond. When these photos were taken this morning it was 15’F (with a real feel temperature of 5’F!). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Though it may be a bit too cold at present to use the exercise equipment or the playground, it was nice to sit (bundled up) on the swing at the southern end and enjoy the view.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADorotockey’s Run enters the pond at the north side of the park, flows out the southern end, then parallels Lafayette Rd, ending in the reservoir just south of Harrington Ave. The pond is solidly frozen. The woods showcase the younger American Beech trees, which keep their leaves through the winter. Where Dorotockeys Run enters the pond, the ice on the rocks was quite striking. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



As much of Harrington Park is low lying land, you will also see frozen puddles in the woods. Enjoy your visit!

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