Community Borough News sign in use. Kudus to Harrington Park Boy Scout Jack Mohrwinkel!

DSCF4487Life Scout Jack Mohrwinkel, a member of Harrington Park Boy Scout Troop 616, chose to repurpose the old Harrington Park Borough News sign for his Eagle Scout Service Project. A service project benefiting others is required for achieving the Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts. While looking for projects that would benefit the citizens of Harrington Park, Jack learned about the old sign, in storage at the DPW garage. He envisioned the Borough News sign in place at the entrance to Borough Hall, where it could be used to post public notices and community flyers for the residents of Harrington Park.

DSCF2702Jack is a high school senior at Northern Valley Old Tappan and plans to go on to college for a degree in Criminal Justice. When he finishes college he would like to be a Harrington Park police officer then move on to be a NJ State Trooper. He very much enjoys the many leadership, camping and service activities he has participated in with the Boy Scouts. He also enjoys working on set construction and running crew for the NVOT spring musical. Jack would like you to think before you throw something out, because recycling and repurposing items that would end up in our garbage dumps helps our environment for future generations to come.

boro board midFrom Jack:  My plan was to repurpose and reinstall the old Harrington Park Borough News sign.  Wherever possible, I used recycled, reclaimed, and natural materials. After getting approval of my Eagle project from my Scout Master Mr. Venezia and the local Boy Scouts Council, I presented my project idea and obtained approval from the Harrington Park town council.  I started by refurbishing the Borough News sign. It had sat for years in the DPW garage collecting dust and was in poor condition. After the DPW dropped off the sign at my garage, I began to sand it down and recoated it with several coats of burgundy paint. I removed the inner structure of the sign, replaced it with reinforced plywood and 2×4’s. I than covered the plywood with recycled rubberized corkboard. Then I cut the original plastic “Borough News” portion from the old sign and reinstalled over the top of the rubberized corkboard.  The sign was subsequently reinstalled in cement at the rear of the Harrington Park town hall.  With the assistance of fellow Troop 616 Scouts, a small bluestone and pea gravel patio was constructed in front of the sign. In order to do this, the area had to be dug out of 5 inches of dirt in an area approximately 100 square feet. The extra dirt was spread on the surrounding gardens. A cloth material was placed in the depression, then the area was filled in with about 3 inches of QP and stone dust and tamped down level. The natural bluestones were than laid out like putting together a puzzle. I leveled each individual bluestone with a level then filled in the area between the bluestones with pea gravel. To finish off the project I installed a small park bench and several box hedge bushes. The surrounding landscape was finished with all natural mulch.

The project was finished at the end of November.  Thank you Jack Mohrwinkeland Boy Scout Troop 616 for an attractive and useful community board and a nice bench to sit on at the entrance to Borough Hall!

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