Harvest Home! …update on the HP School Garden and Garden Club

garden club Dec10_modifiedThe HP School Garden Club met weekly through the summer and has continued to meet through the fall term. There are between 7 and 14 students who are regular participants in Club activities. Recently and 15-20 3rd graders have shown interest and are meeting during lunch/recess with the advisers. garden club Dec9The school garden, located in a central courtyard, suffered no damage from Hurricane Sandy. Harvesting continued until the end of November and the last carrots and broccoli were harvested on Friday Nov 30th.  garden club Dec11_modified



This year raspberries and strawberries were planted and produced fruit. The apple and pear trees planted in the courtyard are doing well.

The Garden Club members tasted all of what was harvested (look at this gorgeous watermelon!)garden club Dec6 and also cooked and ate some of the vegetables.garden club Dec5

Seeds are being dried and saved to plant in the spring.garden club Dec4

garden club Dec1





In October, the children made Garden people (scarecrows) out of garden materials, including pumpkin vines, and Halloween costume materials.

Garden craft activities are planned for the winter months. These photos show the children making holiday wreaths. Dec5_5 modifiedDec5_2

Over the winter the Garden Club will be growing lettuce using a small indoor hydroponic garden system.  The advisers plan to use the grant money from the BCUA to purchase a pop-up butterfly house and a composter to further expand garden activities.

Information provided by faculty advisers Ms Sally Denbeaux and Ms Sara Howell (photos).

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