How well do you know HP? Where was Bogert’s Mill located?…and HP Historical Markers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe water level in the reservoir south of Harrington Park was lowered in anticipation of heavy rains with Hurricane Irene. The rain did not come, though we had snow twice in November, and the water level remains very low. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



(I searched the internet to find local precipitation data and came across this interesting site-; it seems our area got < 1” in November).

In November I noticed more water birds than usual (seagulls, various ducks, Canada geese, and others) in the shallow waters visible south of Parkside.


And I was quite intrigued to see a weir across the Hackensack, just north of the Harriot Ave Bridge.  On Nov 30th I was able to take a closer look at the weather-worn blue State Historic sign at the northwestern corner of the bridge.





“Abraham Myers established a grist mill at this site on the Hackensack River prior to 1765. Inherited by son John who operated the mill until his death in 1829, it was inherited by his son-in-law James Bogert. Long known as Bogert’s Mill, it remained in the family for three generations until 1922. The building was demolished in 1932 and was the last water powered grist mill to grind grain in the area”.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now you know!

Curious to learn more about HP history?- There are 4 more markers in HP


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