reflections on the past week, post Sandy

Wow, what a week!

Amazing how the storm has shifted priorities.

I am very fortunate to live the life I do in this beautiful town and am much more aware of this after the inconveniences of the past week.

In my usual everyday life, I rarely think about the survival necessities of shelter, food and water. With much of Harrington Park without power for 4-5 days, these became priorities. Thankfully there was no local flooding (unlike with prior storms) and little damage to houses in town; the focus locally was on keeping warm, figuring out how to get a hot shower, throwing out spoiling food, playing with and reading to children, being careful about gas use, waiting for hours in a line to get more gas, working (if we could), spending time in conversation, and helping out neighbors/friends/family who needed what we had to offer or share- gas, a warm bed,  a charge for a phone, (a hot shower!). Life is easier here with the power back, hopefully it will not got out again with the nor’easter (nor will we experience flooding)  this week- but now, we are more prepared if it does.

I hope that everyone who reads this is doing okay. I trust you survived Hurricane Sandy with a new appreciation of our vulnerability and our resilience and that you have the strength to cope with the losses that you may have experienced.


Locally the flooding from the lower Hackensack River caused devastating damage to several communities; they will not return to anything resembling normal for months…and I cannot imagine the situation at many NJ Shore communities…Time heals all wounds, but this one cut deep.


Heartfelt thanks to Harrington Park’s first responders,  the police, DPW employees and other municipal staff, and the Mayor and Council for their time, hard work and efforts for our community’s safety and security!!

Mary Ann Schran, HP Greenteam Chair

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