Curious about the sign on Blanche? And just what is the Lynn-Higgins watercourse?

Did you notice the sign on Blanche Ave? Several streams run through Harrington Park, draining to the Hackensack River or directly to the reservoir. The Lynn-Higgins watercourse begins just south of Blanche Avenue and drains into Blanche Brook; Blanche Brook runs through Beechwoods Park into the Hackensack River. Because of a buildup of sediment and debris, fourteen homes along the Lynn-Higgins watercourse have been affected by flooding. Harrington Park applied for and was approved for funding through the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program. In late August contractor Montana Construction Corporation removed the built up materials along 1,200 linear feet of the Lynn-Higgins watercourse. Project documentation review and a site inspection by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection took place on Oct 12, 2012.

Please see the August 11, 2012 posting for a map of the Hackensack River watershed >> look on Google earth or Mapquest for a more detailed view of the Harrington Park watershed.

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