Thank you- DPW and Garden Club

The HP trifecta: planter, recycling container, and trash can!

While running errands this past week I realized that almost every trash can in public areas in HP has a bright blue recycling container next to it and there is usually a planter filled with beautiful flowers nearby!

The blue recycling containers have been in place since June 2010 and residents and visitors are really putting them to good use. Thank you to the DPW employees for your efforts to pick up the recycling and the garbage from all over HP- the parks, fields, downtown, Boro Hall, library, etc – and to dispose of them in the right places. Our public areas are clean and inviting.



And kudus to the HP Garden Club members for planting and caring for the flowers in the downtown planters and in beds all around HP  and to the DPW employees for the cheerful flowers in front of Boro Hall!

(The flowers look much nicer in person than they do in these cell phone pictures. MAS)


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