Fall began yesterday! Reminder- 6 more weeks of garden refuse pickup

On Sept 21 at 10:46am fall began! The heat and humidity of a New Jersey summer are in the past, the nights are noticeably cooler, the crickets are chirping at a slower pitch, the mums are blooming, and leaves are starting to turn brown.

Harrington Park uses Advanced Waste Management for curbside garbage, recycling, and vegetative waste/garden refuse pickup. Twice a week garbage pickup (Wed and Sat) ends on Nov 1st, with pickup only on Wednesdays through March 1st. Garden refuse is only picked up April 1st – Oct 31st  on Mondays, then curbside leaf vacuuming starts (done by the DPW). Branches left at the curb will be chipped by the DPW on Mondays and Tuesdays until leaf pickup starts.

Hopefully this was a great year for your yards and gardens. According to the Internet (http://letsgrowveggies.com/new_jersey/07640/frost_dates/) the latest frost date for Harrington Park is 5/2 and the first possible frost date is 10/10. (With all of my green tomatoes I am hoping for a late frost and a few more warm weeks for them to ripen! MAS). As you start to clean up and transition to the fall and winter, remember there are SIX more Mondays for vegetative /garden refuse pickup this fall and that leaf pickup (piles on the street) will not start until November.

The 2012 recycling & garbage schedule is posted on the town’s website and paper copies are available in Boro Hall. In late December the Boy Scouts will deliver a schedule for 2013 to each residence in Harrington Park as part of their community service efforts.

Please use these next six weeks to collect and dispose of garden waste on Mondays (it is composted, not brought to a landfill)…and please recycle! It is the law and the right thing to do. Please contact Boro Hall at 201-768-1700, the DPW at 201-768-0944. or email the green team at hpgreenteam@gmail.com for any questions about recycling in HP.

2012  RECYCLING/GARBAGE SCHEDULE  (at curb by 6:30 am)Garbage Wednesday only–January-March 31/November 1-December 31

Garbage Wednesday & Saturday–April 1-October 31

Garden Refuse April 1-October 31 Mondays


Month Cardboard/Paper1st and 3rd Thurs Cans/Plastic/Glass2nd and 4th Thurs
January 5 & 19 12 & 26
February 2 & 16 9 & 23
March * 1 & 15 8 & 22
April 5 & 19 12 & 26
May * 3 & 17 10 & 24
June 7 & 21 14 & 28
July 5 & 19 12 & 26
August  * 2 & 16 9 & 23
September 6 & 20 13 & 27
October 4 & 18 11 & 25
November* 1 & 15 8  **23
December 6 & 20 13 & 27

*No pickup on the 5th Thursday of any month.

**Thanksgiving, pickup on Friday.

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