HP School- “green” plans for the Sept and on

The “Education for Sustainability Programs” Actions was completed as a part of Harrington Park’s August 2012 application Sustainable Jersey Certification. This involved documenting thee programs in place at HP School and also included the activity of the NVOT SOPE club. This pdf, covering school activity in 2011-12, was submitted along with other material. HSA_HP School in 2011-2012Ms. Theresa Hazelton, HSA President 2011-2013 provided the following update outlining some of the “green” plans and activities for the current school year at HP School.

Coming up in September:  The Green Club has new advisers this year- Ms. Magat and Ms. Dreijer. Their next meeting will be held on 9/20. The Green Club hopes to have an active presence on HPTV with current green events and green tips, a member is planning to write a monthly article in the Spartan sentinel. The hope is to have members willing to serve as lunchtime ambassadors for recycling and collecting and scanning certain waste. Green Club members have already made color-coded signs for the receptacles in the hallway.

The HSA faculty luncheon will be hosted in the courtyard on 9/21, giving faculty a chance to enjoy the gardens and upgraded courtyard.

An audit of paper waste and recycling will be conducted in all of the classrooms after school on 9/24.

An audit of lunchroom waste is scheduled for Tuesday 9/25, to be run by Theresa Hazelton and Ms Lauri Scappi with the assistance of Ms. Magat and Ms. Dreijer.  Green Club students will be asked to participate and a permission slip will be sent home to confirm approval.

All lunch recycling, as well as all other school recycling is disposed of in the single stream Pepsi container, heavy cardboard is taken downtown to the HP recycling center, and classroom paper is disposed of in a separate container and recycled through a program with Marcal.

October and on: Walk/Bike to school days: 10/5 and 4/17 AND a Waste free lunch day: 4/17.   April is always celebrated as Earth Awareness Month. We will hold ice pop sales throughout the month that will benefit a green cause for Earth and Arbor Days. A catalog canceling challenge will be held in April. The grade that cancels the most catalogues will win a free recess (the last cc challenge was held in April 2011).

As part of Project Pride this year, Dr. Fried plans to organize a cleanup of school grounds and the areas around the school and in nearby woods, as well as perform any courtyard and garden maintenance as needed.

In an effort to make proper disposal of waste and recycling easier for students, the HSA is considering the purchase of additional recycling receptacles for the classrooms, as an audit has revealed there is an inconsistent set up with the various waste stations.

Lastly, I will be sending out a friendly letter to all school families about the school and the community’s joint recycling efforts and ongoing commitment to a more sustainable future.

Submitted by Theresa Hazelton 9/12/12



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