A shortened Town Day- on Sept 8th

Unfortunately September 8th had very unsettled weather and Town Day was rained out after just under 1 ½ hours. Although the conditions kept many people away, The Green Team table did have visitors. Please note the beautiful banner (purchased with proceeds from sales at Town Day 2011). The Green Team is working on a Sustainable Jersey Action called “Buy Fresh, Buy Local”. This involves (and we enjoy) promoting local farms and farmer’s markets and we appreciate the support given to us by local merchants for Town Day.  Thank you: Amatos – delicious bread and rolls, Stokes Farm – fresh corn (picked in Wayne 9/8 am), and D’Amicos – jam, and Stokes again for the donation of heirloom tomatoes. We were able to sell some produce, jam and bread before the rain became intense.  The remaining corn, bread and tomatoes were sold at Community Church coffee hour on Sept 9th with the proceeds going to benefit the two Compassion International children sponsored by the church. We would also like to thank United Water for their donation of bag clips and pencils and literature.

Green Team Flyer for Sept 2012 Town Day

From the SJ Buy Fresh, Buy Local action: Why is it Important? Locally grown foods reduce the community’s carbon footprint, improve access to fresh local foods, improve the community’s social fabric by creating gathering places focusing on food, and can increase consumption of fruits and vegetables by improving access to healthy food. Furthermore, promoting local food keeps farms and commercial gardens profitable by keeping food dollars local and re-circulating money spent on food in the local economy. New Jersey has a long and successful history of promoting agricultural products grown in our state through the Jersey Fresh program. “Buy Local” food programs encourage consumers to support local farms, farm markets, CSAs, and restaurants that buy local dairy, meat, and produce… And of course, it just tastes better. (We agree!)


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