Beechwood Park update: beautiful new kiosk, kudus to Nicholas Venezia! (also- water walkers)

Kudus to Life Scout Nicholas Venezia and Harrington Park Boy Scout Troop 616! Harrington Park has a unique and beautiful resource in Beechwoods Park. Unfortunately the park was vandalized over the winter when many young trees were cut down to build a tree fort. The Green Team scheduled a cleanup of Beechwood Park on Earth Day, 2012 as a positive response to the vandalism. Nick Venezia, a Life Scout with Harrington Park Boy Scout Troop 616, proposed an Eagle project to cover the Green Team’s vision for the park. On April 22 he led his troop in clearing out the trash, deconstructing the fort, and building a trail and a bench (please see the March 24 and 25 and April 22 posts). Nicholas has now built and installed an attractive information kiosk and will be putting up more information about the trees, plants and local wildlife.  (top 2 photos courtesy of CB Kennedy; others from MAS)

Come down to the park and take a walk! The trail is beautiful.

Cross Blanche Brook on the stones and explore the woods beyond!

Or just sit and listen to the peaceful gurgling of the stream.

On Sun Aug 26, when the latter photos were taken, I was entranced by the many water walkers (or striders) on the creek surface. Fascinating creatures, also very hard to photograph with my camera, Come down to the park and look for them!

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